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    Our purpose as an organization is to help leaders be more inclusive and to make the world better in a meaningful and sustainable way. We know leaders are the crucial difference in defining, creating, and constructing a more inclusive, engaged, diverse and productive work environment.

    Every leader can and should possess capabilities to influence a positive, thriving, and progressive environment that is visionary and inspirational.

    4i Leadership is a leadership development and coaching service. Specializing:
    Purpose-driven, human-centered, value-based, experiential leadership development and coaching. We provide 1-0n-1 coaching, facilitation, workshops, hybrid, Zoom, and webinar events.

    We coach leaders in purpose-driven leadership in Australia and the USA to be capable in:
    - High-performance teams
    - Emotional intelligence
    - Conversational intelligence
    - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    - Active Listening
    - Having the hard conversations
    - Value-based leadership
    - Organizational Structure
    - Weaving in Community and World G

    - We are relationship oriented
    - We care about developing people and aligning organizational and personal purpose
    - We have high integrity
    - Timely and attentive service and partnerships
    - We refuse work that does not align with our values that hurt people or the environment


    Lead Forward - A Development Program for after the pandemic geared toward the 4th Industrial Revolution
    Ask us about how we can improve your DEI policies and practices
    Wellness for Disadvantaged Workers geared toward LGBTQIA+
    From youth programs to corporate consulting we measure our success by other's sense of belonging
    Build true diversity from higher through all promotion
    Nurture real inclusion from invitation through responsibility and more
    Foster genuine equity and fairness at all levels of the organization
    Communication suggestions for when and where to properly communicate certain messages
    Wellness for Disadvantaged Workers geared toward Minorities
    We teach people how to become visionary at all levels of the organization
    Wellness for Disadvantaged Workers geared toward Women
    We work to ignite people passions and align organization's and individual's purpose
    We know to be the best it takes immersing ourselves in our work. We teach leaders how to immerse to enter flow and the ultimate productivity
    Wellness for Disadvantaged Workers geared toward the Disabled
    We teach people how to inspire in the marathon of growth, not just at the beginning
    We teach people how to change the way they relate to stress
    Wellness for Disadvantaged Workers geared toward Veterans
    The cost of stress in the workplace
    Sometimes we need new tools
    a Ker stressor is job security
    Lack of communication is a stressor
    over 40% of people are experiencing sress at work right now
    Work overload is making people call in sick more
    Women are 20% more likely to be stressed than men
    The lack of control over our work causes significant stress
    60% of workers have left or would leave a job due to a bad boss
    20% of employees have experiences stress due to LGBT issues and that goes up to 32% for LGBT of color
    We are completely committed to improving people and being their champion for growth
    We've built our business on doing the commendable things when no one is watching
    We genuinely care about what we do and providing the best service possible to all our clients
    Being courageous means being completely honest when it is not easy, but it is necessary
    We collaborate from the beginning to the end of our contract. No one does this alone,

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