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    I love working with individuals, couples, and families. In a comfortable, nurturing environment we address such questions as: Are you having difficulties in your relationships? Do you experience anxiety or depression? Do you just want to feel better about yourself and reach your full potential?

    In addition, I specialize in helping creative and LGB people.

    Are you a creative person:

    Dealing with very high standards for yourself, so that only “perfection” is good enough?
    Do you have doubts about your own self-worth?
    Do you have a hard time dealing with:
    the ups and downs of the creative process
    the task of constantly having to find new jobs?

    I help creative people to:

    Recognize that being creative is HARD!!
    Strive for excellence, not “perfection“
    Become more patient with themselves
    Stop listening to internal, negative voices!

    Are you a Lesbian, gay, or bisexual who:

    struggles with coming out
    doubts your own self-worth
    judges yourself negatively
    has difficulty with society’s prejudice and discrimination

    I help LGB people to:

    be PROUD of who they are
    empower themselves
    embrace their positive qualities and achievements

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