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    Equality Fashion Week (EFW) is the 1st LGBTQ+-focused Fashion Week in Los Angeles consisting of a 4-day experience of LGBTQ+ talent showcased via B2C pop-up experiences, talent meet-n-greets, designer fashion displays, plus an exclusive one-night-only, high-end fashion show during LA Fashion Week in October.

    Mainstream fashion weeks lack the diversity and inclusion that both represent the LGBTQ+ community and help fuel the fashion industry at large. Equality Fashion Week embraces the wide spectrum of identities and representation within our community through a multi-layered platform providing an opportunity for economic strength through business development.

    Equality Fashion Week is leading the way, providing a spectrum of gender non-conforming experiences that are in high demand. The Washington Post recently described millennials, as a group 'who now make up a majority of the workforce, and are more likely to identify with non-binary terminology than prior generations did.’

    EFW provides...
    -Safe & Inclusive space for a diverse LGBTQ+ fashion runway
    -Highly visible platform for the most under-represented groups of the LGBTQ+ community
    -Create opportunities for economic growth via a 4-day Pop-Up Experience
    -Grants to help emerging designers build their runway collection
    -Raise funds to support important non-profit organizations within the LGBTQ+ community

    Want to collaborate with us and reach the broadest spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community? Contact us at info@equalityfashionweek.com! We look forward to working with you!

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