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    4i Leadership is a leadership development and coaching service. Specializing:
    Stress Management programs for employees and leaders, with LGBTQ and minority stress-in-the-workplace sensitivity and awareness.
    Equity, Diversity & Inclusion program which nurtures inclusion, builds diversity and establishes genuine equity , fairness and attention to bias.
    Leadership Development for newly promoted supervisors and managers, mid-level managers, and executives. We coach leaders in purpose-driven leadership to be capable of high-performance and high-emotional & conversational intelligence.

    Stress Management program for employees and leaders
    Sensitivity training for LGBTQIA+, Minorities, disadvantaged and disabled valued contributors
    Doctorate and Master’s in Leadership and Development
    Leadership development in >Diversity & Inclusion >High-Performance Teams, >Sr Leadership Capabilities coaching, and >Emotional & Conversational Intelligence

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    The cost of stress in the workplace
    Sometimes we need new tools
    a Ker stressor is job security
    Lack of communication is a stressor
    over 40% of people are experiencing sress at work right now
    Work overload is making people call in sick more
    Women are 20% more likely to be stressed than men
    The lack of control over our work causes significant stress
    60% of workers have left or would leave a job due to a bad boss
    20% of employees have experiences stress due to LGBT issues and that goes up to 32% for LGBT of color

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